Plastic outdoor furniture, economy and durability

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The use of furniture in our lifestyle plays a vital role and we can’t imagine our life without it.  It does not matter what style, type, condition, or colour of furniture we use; a bed, a chair, a couch, a table or a sofa – we take these things for granted, but there are many who don’t have them or may have just a few basic items in their lifestyle.

plastic Plastic outdoor furniture, economy and durability

We realise how much these necessities mean when something is missing in your house. Last month I moved out of my apartment, and my roommate owns most of the furniture, including our living room couch and chair, coffee table and kitchen table. Later she moved her furniture out, leaving our living room and kitchen looking empty and forlorn. As soon as she took her stuff, I started to wonder where I would eat my breakfast and dinner.  Where would I sit to relax when I come home from work?

These problems may seem small in the scheme of things but they make a big difference in people’s lives.  Last week, I baked cupcakes for my guest and had to beat the batter on the kitchen floor. This morning, I ate my breakfast sitting in a chair in my kitchen, using another chair as a table, where I awkwardly balanced my plate, coffee and morning newspaper. My home has ceased to be a place where I can relax and unwind – instead I can’t wait to be completely moved out so I don’t have to walk through my bare living room any more.

I am lucky, however – in a few days I will be living in my new house, which already has a kitchen table and multiple couches. I know few places where I can buy things at economical price, I can even shop online brand new items, and a friend of mine introduced a new outlet called Love4Furniture. Most probably I will visit them or at least visit them online at My experience living without furniture for even a short time has made me realize how much I rely on a couch and a kitchen table in my daily routine – and how much more difficult even simple, everyday tasks are without them.


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Mike Fields is known as an authority who can speak about all sorts of furniture available in the UK. He became interested in modern furniture business many years ago in order to provide an interior decoration service to various restaurants in England. He has built up a portfolio of interior decoration with various hotels throughout the UK and Europe. Now he contributes into this blog with his knowledge and experience while helping in managing an online furniture outlet in Manchester. His experience can enable many to change their boring home interior into something more enjoyable. His economical solutions have helped people to renovate their house when they thought that it could be impossible to manage things in given low budget.

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