What Are The Best Fabrics For Your Furniture?

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fabric What Are The Best Fabrics For Your Furniture?

Furniture fabrics are a different breed. They need to be chosen carefully as otherwise you may spoil the look of your furniture. A quality fabric can prolong the life of a chair, a couch or a sofa. It all depends on selecting the right fabric and using it in the right manner.

Furniture upholstering has been around for centuries. Earlier, people used to adorn their sofas with leather, silk or cotton. They now have a greater variety of fabrics to choose from. There are many variants of cotton alone that can be used for furniture upholstery. You can also use silk in pure or mixed constructions. Polyester and synthetic fibres are also gaining currency with domestic and commercial users.


It is perhaps the best fabric that you can buy for your furniture. Cotton is a simple yet highly durable fabric that comes in many colours, designs and patterns. You can choose pure cotton with a higher thread count to upholster your furniture. A mixed variety, where cotton is combined with other fabrics, is also a good material for upholstery. The best aspect of cotton is that it can be washed easily.


Silk is a plush fabric that adds style to your furniture. Silk is a very soft fabric that comes in pure and mixed varieties. Try buying a variant of silk that has been mixed with a relatively tough material such as polyester or synthetic fibres. This will create more design variations.


You can also use polyester for furniture upholstery. It is a soft fabric that lasts longer and can be washed with relative ease.

Synthetic Fibres

Another material for furniture upholstery is synthetic fibre. It comes in many types with some especially designed for upholstery purposes. They create a slick look and are durable enough to last many years with proper care.

A careful selection of fabrics for upholstery can go a long way in ensuring the best d├ęcor for your furniture.


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